Joshua Provost - President and Attorney at Law

Josh Provost is an attorney who has been in the collection industry his entire life. He has extensive knowledge and experience with every phase of the collection process. This background allows our firm to develop and implement collection procedures and strategies that produce highly effective results. With both a legal and collection background, Josh Provost has helped to develop a collection philosophy that empowers our attorneys, with highly effective resources that has resulted in returns much higher than industry averages.

Michael Chulak - Attorney at Law

Michael Chulak has been an attorney for over 20 years and has extensive knowledge in many areas of law including, business litigation and collection law. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University at Los Angeles and a Juris Doctor from Ventura-Santa Barbara College of Law. Michael Chulak is also a licensed general building contractor and has been an instructor at six California colleges including UCLA. Michael writes legal columns for several newspapers and has hosted a radio talk show on KVTA AM 1520 and KRLA AM 840 known as “On the Law with Attorney Michael Chulak”.

Jack Weitz - Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Jack Weitz has over 30 years of experience in the field of Financial Services, the majority of which was emphasized in the area of commercial collections. Jack partners with CFO’s, executives and entrepreneurs to assist their businesses in maintaining consistent and predictable cash flow.
Jack’s longevity stems from a genuine love for presentation and developing client relationships.

Thomas A. Tucker - Executive Sales/Legal Director

Thomas Tucker has over 25 years of sales management experience specializing in commercial and legal loss mitigation. Prior to joining CRI, Thomas worked with several Fortune companies and legal firms around the country. He developed recovery protocols and implemented strategic planning initiatives to minimize the protracted process for claim satisfaction. Thomas believes in taking a “hands on” approach to ensure our client’s expectations for ROI are fulfilled at every level.